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noun, m., sing

  1. The number of additions (and subtractions) to which any number of recent changes. Multiplication by zero results in a product.
  2. Notional value with which to start the calculation of such value to her, units (time, temperature, winning in sports games, etc.
  3. What l. infinitesimal, insignificant, or that does not mean anything to smb.
  4. Minor, insignificant man.


Benefit from it – zero.

During the nine months there is only ice and snow; storm swooped down for a storm with frost, unimaginable for someone who had never seen as a Thermometer (Fahrenheit) is lowered even to zero.

– I’ll go right – suggested the captain. – Here and away, but in the woods. And I love through the woods. Pick up on the mountain at fifteen hundred.