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noun, m., sing.

  1. Title number consisting of 2 units. // This is the number of units of smth. (nouns of masculine and neuter
  2. Title number indicating a number
  3. Assessment of student performance on the five-point system, denoted by the number “2” and the corresponding evaluation of “bad”, “unsatisfactory”; deuce


Well, your honor, to all appearances, that the person is noble: to eat for lunch deigned two roasted pigs and steamed so hot that Taras Kurochkin could not stand it, put a broom Fomka Bikbaeva, but hardly cold water to pump out.

Jadwiga, doing everything she could, sadly stared at the snake, which at this time of vengeance scolded some young Yaga poorly Sat and insisted that she was sent to the fright for two years instead of one.