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Genus of nouns


house (masculine noun)


water (feminine noun)


tribe (neuter noun)


noli (common gender noun)

Genus – the ability to nouns combined with certain varieties for each generic forms being negotiated words: my house, my hat, my window.

On the basis of type nounsare divided into three groups:

1) masculine nouns (house, horse, sparrow, uncle);

2) feminine nouns (water, earth, dust, rye);

3) neuter nouns (person, sea, tribe, valley).

There is also a small group of common gender nouns that can serve individual and expressive names of male and female (crybaby, noli, whiz, upstart, grasper).


Grammatical meaning of genus created by the system case endings of this noun in the singular (thus genus of nouns are distinguished only in the singular.)